Tina Listens

Tina is running not as a politician, but as a concerned parent, like many of you. She is committed to listening to all parents to ensure your concerns and ideas are incorporated into district policies.

Families deserve to have their concerns heard

We all know that children are our future. Who better to to offer guidance and direction in their education than the families and others concerned for their welfare both now and in the future?

Support Tina

Tina has the vision to be the board member that listens to parents and students. She can make a difference but she needs your help through donations of time and money as you can. Please contribute and help her make a difference for local families!

ballot 400My name is Tina Irvine.  I am not a polished politician and like many of you, I have watched my kids struggle as a result of decisions that I neither supported nor understood at the district level.  My moment of decision to run came when I realized I couldn’t be alone as a parent who was frustrated with the politics involved in our children’s education.  I felt I did not have a voice as a parent. I did not feel represented in my thoughts and my hopes for my children’s future.  If elected I would bring above all, my desire to listen to parents and do everything in my power to ensure that the school district acts in the best interest of our children.  I believe the role of public schools is the education of our children and not to indoctrinate them in the latest popular social movement.  Things like Critical Race Theory, Comprehensive Sexual Health and more need our input as parents.  I believe in economic accountability to the taxpayers; us!  I want to be your megaphone in the school district.  Our children, every single child, regardless of race or economic means, is important and needs the very best we can offer. I need your vote.