On the issues

  • Sex Education

    Much of the framework for sex education in our schools is set by the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and they provide the standards for all state of WA school districts. We do have some flexibility in how these things are implemented (such as crafting one for our district vs accepting the state-provided curriculum) and we owe it to our children to be cautious in choosing how these mandates are applied to their education. I am personally not in favor of recent legislation passed and feel that we need to push back on these requirements as much as possible within the law.
  • Post Covid-19

    There are many decisions to be made with respect to our children’s health and safety in returning to full-time in-person learning. We need to apply medical facts and common sense to ensure our children are not distracted or inhibited in their learning. We need to respect the rights of families to make medical decisions for their children and not impose unneeded stipulations and processes. I personally will work to limit the implementation of testing, masks and distancing as much as possible with respect to real and measurable health risks.
  • Critical Race Theory in Schools

    I believe that Critical Race Theory is an evolving current social movement that has no place in our K-12 schools. Its purpose is not to further educational success and while it appears harmless on the surface, it presents problems for me and its principles could be divisive and cause more of the problems it seeks to solve. I believe this subject is not something for the school district to incorporate into the education of our children.
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